News ! On death row

I went into prayer when I hears that the two Aussies we’re going to be shot in Indonesia.

This is my point, you idiot!!! Why am I saying that, there is such a drug problem you get off the plane and instant question. Do you want drugs?

I know of girls fearful because they even show up at hotel doors to try and force their way in.

I believe in the death penalty, IF you are beyond help that u have killed over and over and love killing or how it makes you feel.

But these men, haven’t killed anyone. They are trying to live which is their right. The prime minister is trying to show his power, but what he is doing is showing he is not a leader but a tool.

If he wanted to show leadership he would take all things into consideration. He would see common sense and stand up to what others now. That they didn’t kill anyone, they are not murders but want clemency.

With my prayer I felt if he pushes this he will release something that he cannot control and it will be very very bad not only for his country but the world.

Everyone can have a point of view it makes the world the way it is and that’s ok to a point. But lord turn the heart and mind of a king, lord you are in control.

Majority rules I won’t give up the belief that my father can stop this.

I believe nothing is over until you stop breathing, so I never give up. One way or the other it’s not over.


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