Update on my boy

i have just come home from the hospital. He came through, now I am praying the swelling doesn’t happen as they always say 24 to 48hrs.  Thank you so much if you prayed for him, I always go back to if two or more pray in his name he must act  yahoooi

I didn’t realise how much he hates being touched. To bad he got 3 kisses from a tears mum, I was crying because the sheer overwhelming knowledge that my father took charge, I really don’t care what people think.

I love my son, so very much as I am sure any parent does but because he is my miracle, I get all mushy. But I nearly lost him when I was 3 months pregnant and various other problems. When he was born and the cord was cut he didn’t breath for 7.5mins.

I have all this love, my daughter is another matter she isn’t big on hugs either. Hmmmm where did I go wrong?

Well lord again I thank you and let me decree that if you have a husband for me, he has to like the odd cuddle ( and I don’t mean sexual) just to hone in on my point.


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