Verses can help you

Verses I believe can help you with whatever you need. The night before my sons operation. I read Isaiah 44 v8 do not fear, nor be afraid. Have I not told you from that time and declared it? You are my witness. Is there a God besides me? Indeed there is no other rock. I know not one.

Its like not understanding that the agenda is doing Gods business, for when a queen is chosen if she doesn’t understand her purpose, she will ultimately loose her crown. She didn’t get when the KING commands you must obey, not if you feel like it

Its the same with us, I know I am the apple of his eye, he has loved me always but before I couldn’t except it. Here are some questions to ask yourself, how connected are you to God? How is your supply? How is your identity on the vine? Or are you doing just what you want to do, this may hurt but I wish someone had said it to me.

If you know God but will do what you want when you want and only call him when you have tried everything else. Then I ask you this, what the hell are you thinking? I have seen miracles, I have heard his beautiful voice. Get it now before you have to go through anymore pain, give up repent and bow before the king. He wants to change the condition of your heart, be smart and let him.

in simple terms don’t be sanctimonious, when you think no one is watching. He watches you everywhere, he hears your thoughts and knows your heart and I will keep telling you until you get it  get off your backside and pray, don’t let the devil fool you with other idols in your life  he wants us to be more dependant on him  when you do this God will birth something in your life, humble yourself repent and renounce first, I have given you a key  why not put it in the door and turn it.

Someone said to me last week, you have softened. Your approachable, nice gentle and full of love.

I always was was but the devil kept reminding me of what I have done wrong. When I turned off his leaking tap of judgement and power in my mind, then something changed.

i just got this and I hate it when I think of all the time I have wasted, I love to just find the truth and lock it in and press GO.


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