Prayer will bring your prophecy to pass

Do you know that?

Did you know that God will withhold the rain. And I know just like me, you need the rain.

So pray, like a woman giving birth don’t give up till you get it. Do whatever you need too. God will honour that, when you make yourself available. Shout out declare, bind the strong man who has been pulling your strings causing you distress.

If you don’t know how to pray start with the Lord’s Prayer, I start out say,” lord I thank you for all you have done, all you are doing and all your about to do. Then I tell him what I need from him, sometimes I even demand it. For I am not one to let it go, then because I have been filled by the spirit I pray in tongues. Some think it sounds weird or is scary, what I know is you are talking the Gods language and guess what, the devil can’t understand. Did you know the devil sits there waiting to hear you talk so he can go out and cause trouble. Yep, so doesn’t matter what is coming out of your mouth when you pray in tongues, for he can to do a thing yeehaa.


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