We don’t know how close the last days are…

The generation today will hold the keys for those who are to come in. Come into what, the protection of the spirit for if anyone means you harm, God will take your spirit and you will not feel a thing.

Sounds good old to me and I don’t want to chance anything else. Proverbs 6 v6-11 sometimes we are not in tune with God because we had turned his volume down.

When we do the will of the father we will see not only us chane but the church, for we are the church because Christ lives within us as his vessels. God is coming to shape the nations, people are being called home, strategicly placed for when Jesus comes back.

The key ingredient is to serve, faith comes by hearing faith that comes from God. And you may not see the rain but in the spirit you can feel it. God old wants to send you the rain, how badly do you want it?

Look at 1 kings v41-44 he was told to go back up the mountain 6 times he came back and said, there is nothing. But he was dutiful that when he was told to go up again he said, there is a cloud as small as a fist.

I have to be honest, I probably would have said, no way went there once and saw nothing. The. I would have given cheek and said if you want to know them you go. Big mistake, be a good steward and go even if it takes 7 times or more. Never give up becUse the father never will.


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