Peace is something we all need

i was brought up in a way because my father expect the house to be spotless and if it wasn’t done he would hit the roof and burn whatever on a pile down the back.

Yes it doesn’t sound great, but what it instilled in me is that I have to always be doing something.

Which can bug people but if I stop I sleep, at home I try and give myself one day, to not do anything. Trust me when I say this is like putting a lollie in front of a child and telling it not to touch.

I was brought up the old way, if you go to someone’s home as a guest you help out, showing your appreciation for letting you stay.

I still have a mind that constantly goes 1000 miles an hour, I know the lord put that into me for a reason and when it’s time. He will tap me on the shoulder and say ok, now it’s time. I really believe that, belief is faith in action.

I have had this feeling over the last week that I am ready, don’t know why but I trust the process.

I will keep you posted, I do hope my words help you or just make you laugh. This is just my journey with the king of kings, I am coming into the knowing of what that means.

Peace is something I use to crave more than air, but now having peace it was worth finding that place it was hard but what I relished is I had to trust.

To trust and really do it with my whole being. I hope if you need peace that the father grants it to you.


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