i am working again from my sons IPAD loving it but have not got all the control of the normal set up.

My son and I had a discussion about that young boy who was a suicide bomber for Isis. I know he was a loner, but I made the point of what I did when I was at school.

As a teenager my mother said you have the power, so when I got what she meant I took charge. I made point of talking to the quiet ones, the shy ones who were picked on. Really what did I have to loose, i was brutally honest saying I had no interest in going out with them. But I wanted to get to know them and there interests what made them tick. Because I wanted to change the atmosphere and show by example, that we are all the different in some way.

But it as I have said to some who get all racist, do you think God sees you because of colour? No he doesn’t, he sees you. The one who has private thoughts and feelings, the real you.

You may have noticed I love that, well better go feed my sons cat. Be blessed.


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