Do you know?

Gods question to you, what is your agenda?

Yes he is asking loud and clear, what time did you give him today?

i keep getting time tithe task, he wants your time, he seeks your willingness to tithe and what have you done as a task?

he is hounding this home for a reason, it’s not for us to know the grand architects plans. But just surrender to the flow, ooh this might help ( let go and let flow) remember he knows your wants and needs.

All he he wants from you is to be content with the little and yes thank him when it’s tough, for he is building a better YOU. Man I do know how hard it can be, but TRUST the process, for you cannot fail.

I wouldn’t lie to you, if you need too, go have a cry, but keep going. Don’t ever give up, I know I was born to stand in the midst of the battle, go bind your strong man. Take back the power, prayer will give you stature.

If you need it I will stand by with you, willing you on all the way. For together we cannot loose, I’m excited. I am holding your hand for my heart is big like the lord, if he loves then I love.

Much luv and blessings


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