how small are we

The world tries to make sure we feel small, that we have a insignificance we must keep too.

I use to always feel like some kind of nothing because everyone seemed to want to take a piece of me. Like I was a possession to toy with, since giving my heart to the lord under my own mind, let me just add that point.

I am no longer small, I am on the narrow path directing my feet towards what he requires of me. For so long I tried various things to try and feel real happiness and piece, to use my talents because I thought if I did that I would find some kind of joy.

But the only place I have found joy is in prayer and worship, I don’t feel I need to apologise or excuse myself to make others happy with my actions. I am extraordinary, I keep telling people and one of these days the world will see the truth.

I have no other option there isn’t a plan b, I am not going to change my mind, I am set on course so if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t listen.

But I have found my truth and I am truly happy, it didn’t take a man. It took my heart and I am in love for the first ime in my life, hallelujah.


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