Maybe is not against you but for you

Recently I had to seek medical advice, turns out I have tennis elbow.

Most people in the world would say, oh poor me you know the rest. But me, I went to the doctor for something else, I think it’s funny so had to go through the drill of filling out work cover, going to physiotherapy and lucky me, I can’t take anti inflamitories.

So here I am week 3 I think, I have to admit the pain has been to the point of me wanting to naw off my arm to relieve the pain and I will only take a certain amount of pain killers before I call it quits (normally 6 in total). I did all the right things like ice every hour, made sure I did not use that arm for anything. Well it was swollen to the point of just trying to pick up a paper clip was impossible, but I kept on working.

As you get to know me you will realize, I am an extremely determined woman. When I get it in my head, I will push and push until I get break through.

On Sunday my beautiful Pastors wife who is also a Pastor stood next to me chatting all of a sudden she said, “Bronie your arm, it’s really swollen”. Had to agree, no use denying the fact, so she said well we can’t have that, so she placed her hand on my arm and said, “Lord we take authority, devil you get your hand off, this swelling is going down, now in Jesus name”. I said amen another woman agreed and remember when 2 or more agree Jesus has to act, there is no if but’s or maybe’s. I squeezed my hand a couple of times to get some sort of feeling and said to myself, DONE.

Well about 2 hrs later what do you think happened, I had someone say to me, your arm is back to normal. I was unaware, but an instant hallelujah came to mind, I didn’t doubt my father for a moment. You see it wasn’t my Pastor, it was her willingness to act on his behalf, he was the one who did the work. I went to the physiotherapy Monday and he said how is your arm, I said fabulous, he looked puzzled, I told him what happened and I even said to him I don’t care if you don’t believe me (I will not hide my father’s work from anyone). Once he had finished he said to me, I can’t believe you’re so far along for a tennis elbow, take that devil, that was witness to him and the beauty is he doesn’t even know it.

You know if you think the way I did yesterday as I was making my way home, maybe he clipped my wing because I needed it. Then I started to think what had I done wrong, what did I need to change.

So maybe this didn’t happen to me, but happened for me…

Be blessed


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