Seriously, I should learn to shut up

Yesterday, I went online to view the news of the world. I get home after it goes to air on my television and by the time I have my dinner lately I have been falling asleep.

Back to the point, I saw a father who posted a video message to drink drivers. His daughter was an innocent victim and lay in a hospital bed.

So for the first time, I left a comment. What disgusted me is it became a chat session with a group of people who did not get the point.

I hear all the time people have veil over their eyes and ears. Which they do, I can see it and I even think a blind man could.

I explained how my eldest brother was killed by a repeat offender. They went on about how it’s always been the culture and why change it. Some even said to ban alcohol it was around before Adam one said, “He didn’t even have a clue”.

I sat their thinking, just because no one else has made the change why can’t you. Look outside the box, think the way HE would think, anyway, I had to leave one more message. I was so revolted.

My comment, a girls father thought of you, whom he does not know and asks that you just THINK what you are doing. Drinking leads to desolation and heart ache, arguments and fights. Please stop turning a simple message into something ugly.

They still didn’t get it, as I said, I should learn to shut up!

Another lesson learnt….


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