A prayer for you

My last Post for the year. Wow, never thought I would get this far. Yahoo

Father, I pray in the name of Jesus. That anyone who reads the words on this site (your site), be blessed. I pray that one hour of one day, you will let them feel, how I feel about you.

That for those who you love and are yet to know you, have an experience that will define their life forever more.

I pray for them, their family and please bless their time this season. The time where we celebrate the birth of your son, father bring this world into the knowing of you.

Let them know that everything is not done against them, but for them. To make them into the person you see. Let them know your love and let them find peace in their hearts.

If anyone needs healing, then I pray in the name of Jesus, what ever is coming against them, be removed now in your name. That you have all power and authority over every situation.

May God in all his mercy, bless each one of you.

Be blessed AMEN. Thank you father.

Remember to count all JOY. Turn any sorrow into dancing. And smack the devil out.

Talk again soon. xxxxx


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