Happy New Year, what a fabulous year this is gonna be….

I do hope you all had a wonderful season & a safe new year. This is going to be a great year if I had the energy I would jump for joy.

Anything like me you always get the unexpected, this hopefully will make you laugh.

I got sick the last week before we closed down for Christmas & New Year break. Had to go to the doctor 3 times in a week. New record for me. So still feeling a little weak even today and still not eating normally, but loosing weight a bonus (I have it to spare).

One of those viruses going around and I coped it full on. It was not pretty at all, I was told by the doctor the eat very plain, keep off any acid foods and having allergies my list is very short anyway. This is going to be removed, I am telling you now, I will let you know.

So I was good keep downing energy drinks that hydrate. Food is minimal, but like Doctor Oz said we got the 80’s and started consuming excess, this I am taking as a reverse. If I had of had the energy, I would have prayed over myself to remove the bug.

Anyway my dear friends came and got me for lunch, when I was dropped off because I was so weak, I fell in my driveway.

Why laugh you say, I think I was the only one that didn’t have any alcohol!

I saw the funny side, always do. Fell on a platter I used for the first time, no great loss, but the roast lamb was fabulous. Glad we ate that first.

I was asked to cook that, roasts are so easy. Meat was falling off the bone and melted in the mouth, not bad. I surprise myself all the time, people say I can cook but when it turns out so fabulous that even better cooks than me comment. I impressed myself, yeehaa.

Thinking: I have two favourite cake recipes and yes I never make things by following the recipe. I always think about what works with something and then I am in the kitchen testing it out.

What are they, one is Carrot cake with Lemon cream cheese icing, this cakes melts into one, moist like nothing you have ever eaten before. And you can guess this one I call it Death by chocolate (it’s a heart attack on a plate) lol, it is so rich 900gms of chocolate and 600 cream to start, you have to be good at juggling for this one but both, you could sell in a cake or cheese cake shop. I would even say they could become known like Black Forest Cake.

Hope that wets the appetite, yes no in depth message just starting off with fun.

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