How he saved my life and my daughters life

Last night was very hot so I layed their thinking of the moments that he has moved my heart. Refection sometimes moves you forward when the timing is right.

I have spoken about the first time the Lord spoke to me. The next was when I was 23 years old, in my family history a high percentage of women have had cervical cancer. Remember this is before I gave myself fully to the Lord.

I went for my two yearly pap smear (sorry but to any men reading this, there is a point) I also said to the doctor, I am 5 weeks pregnant and its going to be a girl (one thing I know is my body) he shook his head at first and said no way can you tell that. I said see that certificate on the wall its says, you are certified to PRACTICE.

And it turned out I was, a week or so later, my normal doctor rings me at home. You need to come in, I need to speak to you, with my son it was a difficult pregnancy, then he stopped breathing for 7 and a half minutes when born (I told everyone that’s why he is brilliant). Then I miscarried the next boy at 3 and a half months, the father of my children was selfish, lets say I did not choose well. So my doctor knowing the situation was very caring towards me in a respectful manner.

Finally I got into see him, he sat there took a breath and said, we don’t know how fast this will spread. We are concerned about the pregnancy, a baby is no good without a mum. (Knowing my mother had it, sisters also this was not a surprise.) I sat there and this peace, washed over me, I look him straight in the eye and said, ‘it will be fine’. He thought I had lost my mind, but I knew I would be ok. Pregnancy would go ahead and they would deal with it when she was born.

After the appointment, I was quickly sent for a biopsy to check it, while still carrying my daughter. Pregnancy progressed they checked on me all the time, I went about my days with the peace he gave me. At 16 weeks I started to get sick, but turned out I had to have my gallbladder out when I was at 20 weeks pregnant. I had lost 2 stone and they were scared they were going to lose either one of us. My doctor came to check on me the day before surgery and said, we will do our best, all of a sudden I said to him, your going to go home and think about what you can give me to keep holding onto this baby. Don’t second guess it, will be simple but will work, he rubbed my hand and said, OK, the next day I got to the corridor and the nurse stopped my bed, she said, to the orderlies, Dr had ordered this needle and she is to have it now before she goes into theatre. 

From the 15 Dec I started getting down to 2 mins labour and it would stop. The doctor thought, I was joking, this kept up until I was admitted 2 days before my daughter was born on January 17, for blood pressure problems and it happened again. The whole hospital was talking about me, my nurse shared with me, she said we were waiting to see the outcome because of what happened at 20 weeks in our small country hospital, they should have air lifted me to the city. But I knew better didn’t I (not really but I knew he knew and that was all I needed). She also stopped breathing for a very long time, what shocked the doctors was the placenta was only the size of a womans palm (how did she survive, guess).

After my daughter was born, they waited exactly 6 weeks before getting me into the theatre to laser burn off the surface of this thing. Then after that healed they had to go in with cameras and biopsy to check if it had spread.

Well I sit here today with all my parts still in tact, that was 23 years ago and I am happy to say I am the oldest living female to do so.

Cancer is a curse and a familiar spirit, I know and stand on his word that he will always look after me. My daughter is beautiful and has made me a grandma twice.

 When I read over this all I see is how the Devil tried to stop me and harm my daughter well guess what I have ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY as my father does. Bam take that and praise the Lord.

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