Being filled with the spirit

Something beautiful happened one night without me suspecting a thing.

When I first started going to our church we went to a ladies meeting at night, I was very green, new and nervous, shy.

We sang and worshipped then the Pastor asked if anyone wanted to be filled with the spirit. I didn’t know and was too scared to step forward, but one person who was closer to me pushed me forward (so happy, now that she did).

I stood there and was asked, do you want to be filled with the spirit, I nodded not knowing what could happen. Then I said, inside myself as they were praying for me, Lord I don’t know what to do, Lord help me please. He said, just breathe me in, a what came to mind, so again he repeated, breath me in.

I started breathing so deeply, I felt like a flat tyre that was being given air. I could not have anticipated what happened but to hear him again was priceless.

Again I was willing enough to step outside of my limitations and received him.


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