Had a thought, see if you agree

I was about to sign out and the Lord reminded me, so one last thing before log out.

I keep saying how I have all power and authority, well last night, I had a thought that I can use this avenue, so I am using it.

I have mentioned my food allergies, well if you agree now, we are going to remove this from my body. When two or more agree Jesus has to act, so are you with me, if so repeat with me.

Lord, I ask in your name that any allergies whether food related or chemical be removed from Bronwyn now in your name, that from this moment on, she will be able to eat anything you have provided her to eat. This includes nuts, coconut, white grains, gluten, mushrooms, dairy, dried fruits, shell-fish and anything else that has come against her. I take all authority and power that you have said, that I have and remove i,t with the agreement of all who read this, Bronwyn you are healed in his mighty name of Jesus. I loosen these from you and bind these and send them back to the pit of hell where they belong. AMEN

Lord I pray if anyone who agrees with this have their healing in return, we are all winners today Lord because we praise you from our rising in the morning to the suns going down and while we rest.

Thank you, just typing this I felt something shift, I will keep you posted.

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