When I decided to move….

Many years ago I lived in a small country town.

My children’s aunt and I were rather close, she lived out-of-town on a small farm. One day she decided to take me around onto a different road. The scenic way for something different, I cleaned her house, ironed and baby sat her children for extra money. Her daughter had bad asthma and because I knew what to do she felt at ease having me around.

I just said out of the blue, I think I should move to Melbourne. She was shocked and said something that I cannot remember.

What was amazing about that day, once I said it, I heard music that was from heaven, the angels were playing flute and harp. I cannot describe it, but it is like nothing on earth. It is absolutely the most beautiful sound you could ever wish to hear.

That was the day I knew I was meant to go. What was funny 7 months before moving day, I had the urge to pack. So I just started, gathering boxes and packing the things I never used. I didn’t know why but I just obeyed, people said to me are you moving? I honestly said, I don’t know.

When the time was right, I was down the street, then all of a sudden I had a thought, I wonder what it takes to sell a house. I walked straight into the real estate, my house was old and needed painting on the outside which actually needed it when I bought it 11 years earlier. I said to the guy, if it sells I know I am meant to go, if not, then I don’t. He said I was the most unusual person he had ever met, I am extraordinary because I am the daughter of the king of kings. (Which I didn’t know at the time, but how wonderful he had my path set even then)

In 28 days it sold and when the guy came to view my house, I knew he was going to buy it, he made an offer, then I asked for another thousand. Again didn’t know why, but he came back with how about 500 so I said sold.

That was in 2002 am I have never looked back. If you are willing to move when he prompts you then every step you take towards the destiny he has for you, can surprise you in every way.

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