Magicians or a sign of evil….

I was watching a show on the television, Dynamo. You may not have seen it or you might have.

It took me about 2 mins to realize this guy, has tapped into evil.

Why do I come to that decision, what he is doing is not a trick, if you read the bible, it says,  All kinds of miracles, like the Egyptian magicians; and signs and lying wonders: the word lying may be applied to the whole of these; they were lying miracles, lying signs, and lying wonders; only appearances of what was real, and done to give credit to his presumption and imposture. Whereas God sent his messengers with real miracles, real signs, and real wonders; such Satan cannot produce.”

Magicians get people’s attention and that is exactly what the devil wants, lying to you (thats the KEY), catching you when least expect it.

I am the daughter of the King (to be used as his messenger) that power and more, I choose to use it his way. I know what Jesus is about to use me for and no magician can match it. These are the end days, before his coming, read revelations, it really can hit you.

So again, magician or pure evil.


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