I am amazed…

I find it truly amazing, that people are following this blog.

I do not like the word, blog, lets call it “life in print.”

Well, this life in print, is one I have lived through and I find even my own words, inspiring.

Inspiring, because, it is amazing that all this happened to me, to little old me.

I don’t seem to be any kind of special, just someone, you would walk past and never remember.

But, through my life of finding my father, my real father, my journey and my miracles and blessings, I feel amazing.

I always use to say, I am the exception, not the rule. Because I am his exception, I am his daughter, the apple of his eye, how amazing is that, how exceptional is that fact.

So the fact that I see people from around the world, reading my story, is absolutely (I have no word, to describe).

But my biggest prayer, is those who, may be going through something, see hope. Hope that there is light, there is life, there is joy, out the other side.

I see 9 countries on my stats, and I think of you. I hope that your OK, I hope that my words touch your heart. That my journey, gives your strength, to stand on your path. The one that father set up for you, and choose it, choose to take hold and not let go, choose to surrender and soar like and eagle.

And to live, not only a better life, but a lived life.

Soaring Like an Eagle

God bless……


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