How much do you love him

I have a picture that I printed and every time I walk past, I talk to him and tell him, how much I love him.

Sometimes I even blow a kiss, this is because, I know without him I am nothing.

Someone told me what to do and I did it, then I had an experience holding a stone out of his river, a sapphire and it vibrated.

Now I am not talking about a dream here, I am talking about his river, that comes from his throne.

I went into it, I surrender myself to experience everything, to breath in the water that glows.

He does this, because he loves me, he knows that when I do this, I am coming to him.

Many times, we want him to fix us, to visit us, to do all the time.

But, have you ever moved into a space, where you seek him, his presence, that you move your spirit in his direction. Not because you want something, but because you just want to visit, to just see if HE NEEDS YOU.

To be a friend of GOD, not a child that wants all the time.

It is like in the natural, as a parent you can give and give to a fault, then you create children that only want to take.

But have you considered, how to build a giver, not for what they will get out of it. To freely give, without expecting anything in return.

That is the real jewel here, when you give, he does not care what you have, he cares for you, you cannot hide the bad parts from him, but you can start anew, with an honest one.


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