Do you feel the vibration?

Many times I hear things and feel physically sick.

Why, does this happen to me, because I feel the earth, I feel the vibration and see it differently to others.

When I see waves coming in, and going out, I feel the earth breathing.

I have heard the leaves on trees clapping, I have felt the vibration of the land.

At times I have even felt the force anger, for what is being done against it and for us to be moved to pay attention.

Know I know, reading this back to myself, it sounds a little incredible.

But think about it, it says he created this earth, he breathed life into us, but we have got so busy trying to fit everything in.

Some trying to be rich, some trying to be famous, some just trying to own it all. But you have nothing, unless you become aware of the vibration.

I try all the time to be aware of what I purchase, how it will be used once I finish with it. We all should be aware, because we get one shot at this and to not do so, is a real smack to the father.

I walk in the bush, I feel the trees, singing, moving with the wind, I do pray others can tap into this. For what you see, through his eyes, is absolutely amazing.


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