What’s your idol…

Many times in life we have idol’s that get in our way.

What am I on about, some can have money, some can have family, some big fat men, some even who they see in the mirror or even children, sometimes even just too much stuff in the home.

All of this gets in the way, with you and the father.

I am not saying to ditch everything, but everything needs to have a certain place in life. But in my view a religious idol is so wrong, because when you experience him, nothing comes close.

We get told things and we never question the truth, where has this come from, eating a slug from the ocean is good for you, cutting of a rhino horn and consuming it is right. Sorry, but when it comes to a rhino horn, it is just compressed hair, there are other thing made synthetically that can do more for you.

The constant killing of animals when the reasoning is just wrong, gets my back up. An elephant is killed for a tusk, really who in there right mind would want one. Understanding the importance of the balance with animals that all humans need to have to survive on this earth.

Anyway as you can read, I believe in eating only what you need. This earth cannot sustain, what is happening right now, and I do not want my father walking on a planet, his father created and seeing what we have done.

Idols can be a mansion, really this I find the most nuts. Why, because you are one person, your house should be what you need, the point is Jesus is what I need. Is your ego so small you need a big house, just because you can does not mean you should..

What I want, I ask within reason, but I do not want a huge house, when I know others may be struggling and not only that, would I be feeding my selfish ego here.

I think sometimes, I am the only one who thinks this way. I dream about building on the property which I live, (I have a passion for plans and houses) only because this house is built wrong, wrong to do with windows, insulation, plumbing etc. A home should not be, what you think you want, if your more concerned to just entertain, then build a shed.

I would like a home that makes sense, is big enough for what I need to do and that is it, I do not need to buy and move and move and move, trying to become rich. I am rich, rich with the father who is with me.

I admit my TV has been my idol recently, but I want to see droplets of gold oil, like I use to, when I would talk to someone about the father. I want the fire back, I want to live the mandated life he set for me.

I pray that I can put down my idol and make him, mine…. and find out what my mandate is.


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