I like lock down…

I know, some do not understand, but I love it.

Here, we have got just seven days and people are rebelling in small groups.

But I was able to fix someones mending, I seem to be the only person who owns a sewing machine.

And I love to mend, I love to darn socks, to use something till it has nothing left in it.

Yes, I could not do it like the third which went on for ages, but you get a lot done.

I find, it gives me a peace, a peace to know that I cannot be interrupted, I am reading, praying in tongues, I am inviting his presence and I love it.

I grew up and was OK in my own company, my son was the same and that’s OK. Some need to be with people and that is OK, we are all different, but enjoy it.

I find instead of crying, I laugh, instead of worry I find joy. I work on the opposite because I know, what ever the enemy tries, I must be close, close to my next victory and that is exciting.

So, if I say I like lock down, what does the enemy have, hot air.

Just, turn this into a positive and read revelations, time is almost up, to get a grip and know who is in charge.

I’m excited….


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