Who is really questionable here

I have been thinking and why I seem to others to be questionable, if your in church, its a cult.

But to me a cult is when you have no say, you follow along like a numbed idiot, and you cannot see the other view.

If you walk into a store with a stick, feathers and bells, your considered spiritual. If you read cards, boards etc, then your accepted.

But, if your a christian, that believes he lives, your considered nuts.

Lets get real here, we have a time frame that states, AD and BC, which stands for after death and before Christ.

So, because as the years pass, we have watered down the realisation, that this history happened with Christ.

Many times, evidence shows, they found blood, blood from where Jesus was, 2000 years old, dried, tested it and it’s alive. Noah’s boat, more and more, because humans try and use the human brain, they cannot add it up. So instead try and shut you down and shut you up.

But one certainty here, I am not nuts, just called, called to seek out my path in life. Every time someone didn’t like what I wanted to do, they shut me down, I have been called stupid, worthless etc etc.

Great ideas and thoughts are constantly in my head, because the spirit of prudence knows I am excited by invention. I always use to never understand why, people always worked on assumption, it makes me fired up, because you should never assume what I can do.

Being my fathers daughter, I can do all he has for me and more, in that I have trust. He knows, money doesn’t interest me, but righteousness on certain matters does. Being a good steward is and thinking everyday, if I sin, it is another hit to Jesus on the cross.

So I make sure, I am conscious to not sin, or try not too, I am only human…


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