How are we not, thinking…

Many times, I shock myself, not only for thinking outside the box, but able to work things out as others more qualified than me, sit and hack things out and not see what I do, what frustrates me is how they devalue my point.

Yes, I am extraordinary and that is OK, because I am extra ordinary, I am my fathers daughter, statement.

I watch and see people in business, not grasping the knowledge that times, they are a changing.

Sometimes I think to myself, if only I was at the point I am now. Strong, and single minded, especially when I know what is right.

It’s funny but this little “life in print” is making a big change, as I read my own words, I feel it so strongly. Sometime ago when I worked in the city, I would hold in a scream, knowing, what sat right in front of their faces. You don’t have to be blind, to not really be able to see, sometimes a blind person, can see more than others.

I use to watch sheep on farm, some would simply follow along and not see danger, but others were aware. And that is the same with all of us, we are so consumed to be a certain way, when do we stop and evaluate our own danger.

But what really is driving us, or is our will, did he not request us to surrender, sometimes what we want, is not what we need.

Think about this last statement, it is like a husband for us single girls, we can dream up anything and list a certain man, and then find fault, once it crosses our path, we can even justify the really unacceptable behaviour.

Why, because of what we think, we want or deserve, but what about the NEED here.

We are not the smartest tool in the shed, and many in the world, jump in the sack and their body rules there head. So, things fall apart in the most emotional way, but again, what do we need.

Need is time, time to understand, once you surrender, talk to the father, he is jealous of anyone near to you, for he loves you more than you love yourself, to give you all that you need. All you have to do, is respect that, respect that he sees the way you are, he knows exactly what may need to be pulled out of your life, to make you change for his plan to take affect.

We get so caught up in detail, and the Aussie response is to pull someone down first (as women we pick at fault), before we stop and look, try pointing the finger at yourself.

Are you perfect, have you not sinned, what familiar pattern have you got, that needs transparency, you may think you see yourself, but I know myself, I have many faults and as my statement says, I am a work in progress and that’s OK to say that.

I always take stock of myself, have a moment and judge my mirror inside. For if I do not do this, then growth cannot take place, getting a big head or prideful is wrong, putting money before the father, wrong or popularity or position.

Making time to shut down the world, and put him first this I am still working on, I have moments and I am honest enough to admit it.

But times are changing and I am very aware of this…


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