Jesus, he heard that one small voice

When, I feel my voice is not heard, I think of this, he heard the one small voice in a crowd.

Many times in my life, I had to scream internally, for no one heard what I was saying.

Sometimes, I am guilty of this, not understanding what is being said.

We are not always right, we are not always the know it all to life.

But my father is, I hear him and I love it.

Before this shut down, someone was looking for something, I heard “its in the pantry” and so it was, I burst out with a joy, of “I love it, the way he says it” I find the joy in knowing, I am hearing, he is speaking and he is listening to my one small voice.

I just felt a realisation of who is going to hear my voice, I am not perfect, I do not know it all. But I am open to learn, open to admit, to be able to listen more, be patient and to see from the other side.

This is my key, I am very capable or breaking down things, like working for someone I was once friends with. I knew when she was my boss and when I was her teacher and friend. This is an invaluable trait, that I treasure to have be blessed with, for the old saying, do not mix business with pleasure. Separating things, breaking things down, like a task into sections, makes it easier to know the path out.


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