Here is my exceptional example

What do you consider a disability, now the reason for this post is because, I had to be taught a lesson.

When my cat was little and chose me (yes the best pets do), his foot was missing, bone sticking out and bleeding when he knocked it.

A trip to a vet, that did not cost the earth, after many calls to find one, that would also de-sex him at the same time.

I thought I had to make allowances for him, but he showed me, he found ways around it and never realised anything different.

Instead of jumping up, he pulls himself up to get on the bed with me.

Now with an eye missing, I know, he is not disabled, just extra special and loved, because of his difference.

I work on the assumption, if he won’t give up, then neither will I.

If he needs a little extra allowance, and a life adjustment and I can do it, then I do.

He knows, we work together as a team. He gives love and so do I, with no one more important, but I am the boss and he knows it when it counts….

Many would not take on a animal with something different, but why not, I once had a dog that was blind in one eye. She would only allow me to touch her, her breeder was going to destroy her because, she was considered faulty.

Really, the only fault sometimes, is our own mind and the way we have been programmed to think…


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