How a revelation, shows you something

Many years ago, I watched a movie which had such an impact, I never forgot it.

Seeing all the news about Covid, I am very aware of reading between the lines, knowing there is always more to the story.

Now the fear, fear is from the enemy and I know from experience, if you know who you are in him and trust with all you have, then it cannot touch you. But, many others are in fear and a lot of untruths flail about and we can become easy push overs, now, this is only my point of view. I am not in no way trying to push anything on anyone, but share what I believe is the truth, so lets get this cleared up now.

I was asking the father about all that we are shown, and what is really happening, because even with all the technology, who is really steering that ship. And yesterday I got my answer, so back to this movie I remember.

I do not know what the title was, but it was about either an English class or history, set in America and the students who thought, they knew it all and could not be challenged debated how a nation could get behind a lunatic.

Someone, I think the teacher put one thought into someones head, well they ran with it, coming together, threatening violence to those who they called friends, but did not agree with joining the ever expanding power group. They were really single minded, wanting to eradicate those who did not agree, they would demonstrate in a very controlled forceful and threatening way etc.

Anyway, there was an announcement that there leader would be in the hall, on a certain day/time etc. So the establishment, went into over drive, they locked those in, who did not want to join and the force and mindset was scary, but like everything, I stick to see it to the end.

The enforcers stood around the room, shouting for there so called leader, they locked the doors. Someone started speaking and said the leader was about to be revealed.

All eyes set on the stage, the curtains opened and then on the screen Adolf Hitler was shown, silence in the room. Then the realisation of what happened hit them all, those thinking they knew better, who were right and were shown, just how a nation can be fooled to believe a lie, run by a lunatic.

My revelation, what about nations, put the s on the end. What is the real truth and is it trying to make me and us all follow along without the realisation of who is trying to force the issue. My problem with it is, everyone believes anything, even through electronic sights, why are we not finding out, our own answers from the father, I believe I did.

I am sharing this, not to make you not get the jab, but question your path, make sure your path is heaven sent, not worldly enforced, it must be right, between you and the father. Its like joining the army, but getting the wrong leader, make sure your following the right path, that you know is right for you.

I know my father is all I want, I must remember, I live in this world, but I am not of it and the more I spend time in prayer, the more I need to make sure, I see through into the spirit, not by my eyes alone.


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