Christian hmmm!

I know a lot of people in the world view Christian’s badly, mainly because there are a few that have hidden behind the word to get away with negative or hurtful things and sometimes even milk it for all it’s worth.

Calling someone a Christian is to me pigeon holing and maybe a little religious. What I mean by religious is, you have to do this you, you stand, you sit and you only have contact with the minister or father at the door.

I celebrate Christmas in my own way. Yes it’s great to get together and share a meal, but who said you had to go into debt or spend loads because of the season. Why do we celebrate it? Because it’s Jesus birthday, not ours! People who don’t believe will go to church at that one time of year.

It’s the same with easter, I don’t go through the motions anymore, growing up my kids got the chocolate eggs but think about it.  Jesus died and rose again, did he not? So celebrate that he will be returning, as a full-grown man where he left off.

It is hilarious to me when people think that if they show up at christmas mass etc then it’s ok, true them going is a wonderful thing. But if he made heaven and earth, gave us day and night, then every living thing. Don’t you think he can see the rest, he sees YOU, your actions, your heart and thoughts, EVERYTHING.

I had friends that went to church on Sunday, I said to them your only going to confess your sins for every other day of the week (this was before I gave myself to God), they didn’t like it, but it was true. The husband didn’t think twice about straying.

Some like to use his words and bend them to fit, but if he stood before you on judgement day, what would you do? I always try to think what would Jesus do, how would he handle this. He did things his fathers way, not in a religious way, but loving and genuine.

Back to the basics I think. Please don’t fence me in because, it is up to my father ultimately and his word is our handbook.


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