Smack the devil out

This will be short and as sweet as possible.

If you are sick and tired of the devil playing around with your life, then take authority.

We are the sons and daughters of the King of Kings, are we not? Then Jesus is our brother and it says “we have power and authority”. Do you agree? Then use it!!

Sunday we have church, but that night we also gather, we have either a DVD of a speaker or battle prayer. I never pray mildly, I am here to take on anything to fight and win in my father’s name.

I was shown how the devil tried to black out my space in life and how I had this little area of light around me. I could tell he was dancing and playing in front of me, remember he has no remorse, guilt or conscience, he doesn’t care how he may hurt YOU.

When I knew what it was I went after him, I kept at him and took hold in spirit of the authority I have been given.

I thought of myself as the engine of a train, I kept saying over and over “you know your place, you know your place, you bow before me”. Bam! he only had a pin top of space and I brought light to the rest, I pushed him back to know, I am in charge not him.

Remember always, that what happens in the heavenly’s, is a prelude to what will happen in your life. And when you find joy in the lord and praise the name of Jesus you hit the devil with a punch.

Go for it, smack him out.

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