God is so funny

I think about things I like, then I try to work out how I am going to find it. Then God comes in, I get a peace and a feeling like he just put a smile on my face.

So as my father I say, Lord I would like eg: an easel that I can put big canvas’ on, I don’t care if it’s home-made but this is what I want, then I picture it. Same goes the other day I was thinking of Fabergé eggs then I thought oh I would love a little one. I forget about it and think nothing more about it.

These requests I make just walking around spending time and talking to him whether it be out loud in my head. I never expect to receive them I just do a, if I could, I would love and leave it their.

I love Saturday mornings, I wake up and talk to him, I make him real to me as you are, you who is ready this post. It’s my time with him, that is not interrupted we are just hanging out.

Last Saturday I went out, around midday ended up in Vinnie’s love to have a look you never know what you can find. When I parked the car right in front of me is the easel I pictured and forgot about, $3 what a bargain. Then I go inside, love to check out the jewellery before I leave.

Now I did not have my glasses on to see what I was looking at but an opal caught my eye. So I asked the lady is that an opal, she went to pick it up and I said, “no, what is that next to it” I was diverted immediately. She placed it in my hand. The chain I could see was cheap but the pendent was heavy, so I bought it $4 went online to see what it was and they have affordable Fabergé style pendents from $80 right to the top of the tree.

Isn’t God funny how he works, of all places. He can do the most surprising things, that makes you feel so special and loved.

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