Teenagers got to love them!!

God enlightened me of something on the weekend, teenagers got to love them, or want to strangle them. They have this pack mentality, to do whatever it takes to be one of the crowd and turn against the old’s, their the enemy.

OMG how nieve is that, parent’s have never been young before, they don’t want you to have fun, they won’t let you go to party’s or I can’t stay out late and they just don’t understand blah blah blah. Yes lie to your parent’s, fight them at every angle, treat them like crap on stick, they are not trying to protect me they are cramping my style and not letting me go out and have fun again blah blah blah. It’s fine I know the people who will be their, really that old line again! Teenagers never get hurt they are invinceable!

Wake up, they LOVE you and that is all they are guilty of, they trusted you and you abused that. Without remorse or guilt, you who live rent free and give nothing in appreciation of what you are given freely.

Oh and if I hear I didn’t ask to be born again, it will be too soon, you were born out of love. You who are run here their and everywhere think that’s their job, no it’s not. What about what you have to do, oh and my parents owe me! WHAT, for what, you who don’t know the difference between moochers and friends.

You know when it comes to the crunch you will find out who your real friends are, the ones that treat your parents with respect for allowing them in their home. I know from experience which is something you are yet to have.

One thing I regret: It’s sad that I gave up my virginity like I did, I cannot take that back and to this day I feel so sad about it. If a guy cannot hold your heart by they way he treats you and he should treat you like the princess you are (not use you for what he wants, you know what I mean), then he doesn’t deserve you. Set the bar and don’t take anything less.

I know the saying, I just want someone to love me! I have been their, I got chewed up and spit out (no that might not happen to everyone). Your parents love you they just want you to take a breath wait 4 seconds and just put yourself in another thinking pattern to see what may go wrong.

PERSPECTIVE is a wonderful thing and teenagers don’t often have it. I was always told just stop and think about what if, that saved my life in more ways than one. I have seen teenagers vandalize and be violent towards their parents, in truth they are fighting the wrong enemy. Some will even go to extreme lengths because when it come down to it, they want their own way, yes it’s selfishness.

I had to come to that conculsion with myself growing up and no one would argue, you have 3 years of rebellion that turns you into a person if you looked through someone else’s eyes you wouldn’t recognize. When I woke up, I thought if I don’t make a change then I have not grown up and my mother will not believe me if she doesn’t have evidence. I had to stand up and be responsible, I had to go back to my mum and say that at the time I didn’t see past me, we said things in the heat of the moment and for my part I am sorry, but bringing it back to basics you did it because you loved me. I couldn’t make her say the same to me, but I made the change.

Parents are not always right we learn every day, but we have this overwhelming need to protect you from any enemy, even if that is yourself. If we go about it the wrong way and make mistakes at least we will learn from it, most will acknowledge this. Sometimes when I was growing up I had to be the bigger person, I had to understand that maybe my mum didn’t have the best upbringing and she was doing what she thought was best for me by the way she learn’t how. You have to eventually acknowledge that, just because we are parents doesn’t mean were dead, we love to be funny to have a laugh, most I know are good people.

I remember when my son realized I wasn’t just mum but a woman in my own right, that shocked him he never even thought about it, mum’s stay home they never do anything and they are always their when needed. We are individuals in our own right and funny why not get to know us, I am glad I did that with my mother before she died, I have the most precious and best memories.

What I am trying to say is just stop and think. Sometimes giving of yourself is the best thing to do, be selfless, you will get more I promise you. You think your parents are hurting you, that’s a lie, see the truth and appreciate what you have before it’s taken away.

Sometimes the one we need to fight is looking back at us in the mirror. It’s up to you to stand up and be the person your destined to be.

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