Wake up and open yourself to better things

I have said to several people God is in a good mood and he thinks your awesome, in Australia that doesn’t seem to hit the mark. I have noticed how many people are dry in the spirit. They will easily take hold of witch craft or chase spooks but anything to do with God no way. Why does he seem so scary and the devil doesn’t has the world deactivated us with all the movies, have we been lead up the garden path, I think so.

On Saturday I went with a friend to Macca’s and met another friend their for a drink. As I was leaving their was a guy in a wheel chair he smiled at me I said, “hello, how are you” he grabbed my hand to shake it, I thought, he saw something in me so I said, “be healed in the name of Jesus”.

It’s not up to me what happens after that, it’s in the father’s hands. If the kingdom of God come’s on him then how fabulous, signs and wonders will follow, all I have to do is prepare the way by being willing. To be willing is the most important thing, to be his vessel, nothing I can think of compares to what is coming.

The lord has shown me in advance what I will be doing and it’s begun, but it is not me that is doing the work, but my father. I don’t care if people don’t like it, it’s their CHOICE, but why miss it. Why do we push the good away, what is so scary I have heard people say oh it’s brain washing or even pushy christian’s.

You know what I am not pushy, I am quiet normal, but God is in my life and I am not ashamed of it.


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