Find the good its there

I have been thinking about this blog and what I am trying to say. I have yet to get it organized and the way I would like, but I have to write. It’s like when I have to paint, yes I do art for fun or when prompted, it feels like a release in a direction that I was never aware of  (never knew I could, what a surprise that was).

Anyway back to subject at hand, I notice people sometimes, there are the ones that do the, Oh poor me, the whiners, the skeptics etc etc. You know where I am going with this, but who made your day today, what good did you find from a complete stranger?

Food for thought! ok now I have your attention, I have had days were I just wanted to let everything go and have a cry session (this is quiet rare at times). And I have, but then when I have exhausted myself I think to myself what can I do or find good out of this? So then I pray to the father, “Lord this hurt and I have had a moment but I need you, help me find the positive out of it”.

Sometimes you need help, other times he is quick and gives you the answer, before you have thought of the question. I find him very mindful of me, even down to the little things (which touches my heart greatly).

Recently I wrote about something that happened without going into detail. So far what I have learnt is how strong I have become in trusting him.

I use to be a person who was very dramatic and I could cry at the drop of hat, I felt weak and powerless, even depression sunk it’s claws in at the time, that battle is being won.

I am sure people who use to know me would be absolutely blown away by the change in me, it’s not about age, no amount of years can give you this only he can. I am no longer a dweller, or a poor me or even a reaction of, I need to have a sleep, try to hide or turn off the world.

God is very mindful to give me songs that I have heard or sing on Sunday. I love this, last week it was the same as now it goes like Holy spirit send your fire down, going over and over in my head, also has I yield my mind, I yield my heart, I yield my life to your spirit oh Lord. I will find out what it is for you, its good because it keeps your mind active on one thing, what he is trying to tell you. Something will come out of this that will blow my mind, sometimes I have to wait so I will get back to you.

Yes sometimes things are hard but gold is never moulded without heat and fire. And another is a diamond is only formed under great pressure.

I have a friend and sister in the house who earlier this year had a stroke, I don’t think anyone I know panicked or thought why. We went into action my focus and thought was about her rehab when she was home, so being one who has to be practical I thought of her front garden it’s small but boy did I work hard to make that happen, all weeds at the time.

Back on course (I have a habit of diverting so bear with me) she text me, near the end of the conversation she said how she felt trapped in her body, her arm and left side was affected for a time. I said to her God sometimes steps back, things happen to make us “what we are yet to become“. I told her she is destined for greater things, family and life can divert us sometimes and we need a check. I knew when this happened and I kept telling her husband this is her miracle, yes it will be a battle but without doubt it’s hers for the taking. She is astounding everyone, she is an awesome person and so loved by everyone.

And yes she loves the garden, so do her neighbours.


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