What I received

Yesterday was a challanging day to say the least, I cannot go into it for privacy issues but another test as a mum.

Some would look at what happened as an OMG moment, but I CHOOSE God over and over again.

The devil tried again and God won. I know this is skirting around what happened.

But I chose to hand something to him, lock stock and barrel. Something on the inside of me rose up and said no, this will not defeat me.

When something that would rock someone else’s world, not mine because I CHOOSE to find some joy somewhere somehow. There is nothing I can do that HE cannot do better. I have learnt not to interfere but trust him fully. I have found a place of refuge when things happen because he is my strength my sword and shield. It says it in black and white, oh father let the world see your awesome beauty and know you are their God.

What I received was peace, knowing he has it in hand. The grand architect with my blue print for my life layed out in front of him, all I have to do is be willing to follow his instruction. I do it boldly and with love for him, he has never let me down before and never will.

It’s looking through his eyes not the way we have been trained to see.

Have a blessed day.


One thought on “What I received

  1. Jason Cole says:

    It’s refreshing to see a blog like yours that may not get that many views or likes or comments, but sends such a resounding message that will resonate with people for times to come. Godspeed sister! http://www.NOFRIESfor365.com

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