How to stretch…

Recently I posted on my facebook about my updated rissole recipe, now I love to make a game out of it, because it brings joy.

But what about you also stretching your belief, I love the song by Jesus Culture, Rooftops.

Because I proclaim, that I AM HIS, I sit here typing away and I know it to be true.

If your not stretched or your not uncomfortable, then your not where you need to be.

I find that when I give myself over, I know that I have to wait. But he sees, that I have opened myself up, not to work out ahead of him, thinking I am smarter.

But, opening up to receive what he wants, but to also see if he needs anything. My friendship with him is two ways.

Sometimes I hear people say, about retirement, holidays etc. Well I only know of one that deserves a day off, and that is my dad.

As long as I am breathing, I will stay tuned in to him. For I am who I am because of his architect plans over my life. I am made for HIS plan and purpose, so I take today how it comes and find joy in all that is in it..

Just open up, you would be surprised by what happens.


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