It’s never too late…

The enemy tried to convince me that, it was too late to even hope for a hubby.

But since I spoke, I know it is never too late, not saying anyone is on the horizon.

For as someone said once, if you try to find your prince you just may get an ugly sister.

Which is true, it is not what I think I want, but he will give me what I need.

But I sit here, and I know right now, he is enough.

And guess what, ads for horror movies don’t scare me anymore. But I speak and plead the blood of Jesus. Really, you think that’s scary, try my past, that would freak you out.

But I am really looking forward to the warmer weather, I feel myself smile from within. And to let that out, is new for me. I want to wear the cloths I have hanging in my wardrobe that I love, but couldn’t find the courage to wear before.

And you see my fingers were easy to open parts of my heart, but now, my voice is risen for the king.

I am my dad’s and he is mine, so you just never know. But I asked for the seals of my scroll to be realised, I want to read what he has for me.

I want to fulfil what I am meant for, in that I find comfort.


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