Engage, encounter and participate…

Now this may seem just words to some, but to others a daily quote.

I have been praying, asking, searching, then listening, watching, waiting and its time.

On Wednesday someone said to me, what I needed to know, for some time now, I have seen things, felt things and had a knowing.

I am here, I know what I am to do, what a gift. I am not getting prideful or disrespectful.

But I am on a mission and part of my calling in the harvest I say daily is, I call in fulfilling my mandate, destiny and plan.

For the Lord is here to help me, father God knew me, before I was in my mothers womb. At that time I made a decision to surrender to him, submit myself to him.

Their is no other way, but him all the way. You see their is no choice to make, for the narrow path is my only option.

Living without him in my life, is no life at all. So I take up the whole armour of God and step forward to what I am destined to do.

Be blessed, its spring and the suns out, so go out and live, live the life he has destined for you.

You will be blessed beyond imaginings.


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