News, I have just taken up something new.

I had a friend contact me and before he did I kept getting a vision of someone saying, shush it’s a secret.

Not knowing what the heck that was, I thought ok in time my father will reveal.

Then my friend contacted me and asked if I wanted to be an agent. I went to my Pastor to check if its was ok, didnt want to make any mistakes here.

And I am not one of those easy sell kind of people, I have to use and believe in a product. If I don’t believe I am not selling it to anyone. I have very sensitive skin, I am not just hypo allergenic, I am hypo hypo allergenic.

So here I am a Seacret Agent, Dead Sea MineralsĀ

If the Lord sees fit to help me this way, then who am I to argue.

Remember you never know, but be willing to follow. I have added the link details encase your curious.


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