God has given another clear word…Warning for Japan

I am amazed at the times he gives us to prepare, he loves us so much.

Recently their was a christian conference, 4 prophets that are hearing clearing from god spoke and gave the warning.

Last time their was a tsumani in Japan God warned his people 5 months prior. The people asked why when they called on their gods, why they didnt answer.

He said you were worshipping the wrong God, in the bible it clearly states do not worship idols or man.

So again their is to be another wave to hit Japan, warn the people.

Take this as your warning, I will try and get the exact details or even where you can go to listen to it.

When God has spoken he will act, we are in the last days. Get ready and be in the boat, you CHOOSE now.

Are you ready for what is ahead?


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