I feel his cry…and I love him so very much

Are you scared, I am, fear the Lord, he is so powerful.

The last days are here, not saying the world is ending, just saying this is it. Before he returns to us as the age he left, signs are here and my god what is about to take place, I cannot even put into words.

But if a horror movie doesn’t scare you, just you wait.

I have fear in one way, another is a cry of the fathers heart for those who have had the opportunity over and over to walk in his walk.

I would rather be in his boat that in the washing machine of the world. I trust him with my life and he has never let me down. NEVER

He has kept his word to me every single time, I have not agreed sometimes with the process but when I get to the end I see what he was trying to do. And everytime I love him more, I am growing up and getting stronger with each passing day.

I keep saying “what does not break me, WILL make me stonger in Jesus name” I stand by that, you never know how strong you are until your tested.

Keys I have found, surrender, be willing and keep going, step across the line and trust him.


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