Exciting news, just believe

Nearly every Sunday night we have prayer meeting as I have shared with you.

After we finished someone said has anyone got Asthma, I put my finger up.

Didn’t know you had it but god has a word for you he is going to heal you.
He came over and prayed for me (Won’t go on), well something rose up in me. (Sick of functioning on shallow breathing, weezing, medications etc).

I had this gutteral growl come out of me, I said to it, “Get out in Jesus name, GET OUT” repeated several more times.

LOL, I had this knowing, what am I doing if I just stand here all meek and mild. He said, ‘I have all power and authority, so action station’ I have to do something not just expect it, he doesn’t move unless you do, he wont act unless you call.

Came home coughed and spluttered, because it will try and come back on you, next day, I noticed I could take a deep breath, I have had to retrain myself to breath normally.

But I AM HEALED, yahoo Jesus wins again. God said it and I believe it, that settles it for me.

Another KEY: put up the NO VACANCY sign so it cannot come back.


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