Are you here to waste, his time…

It’s a simple question, with such a power behind it.

We can either, exist or live. This may seem really basic, but sometimes we need to have the question asked.

The other night was a huge deal for me. I know something shifted, I came home and went boldly into the throne room.

I am not gonna let the prosecutor (the devil), win this case. I am going to have the verdict from the judge and I am gonna have the destiny that was written for me in the book.

You can either lay down and die.

Or get up and live, I will have the destiny that I was, destined to have. I am not going to tolerate anything less than, what is mine to have.

It says in his word and his word is life to our’s. So what are you gonna do?

If this short msg doesn’t get you moving, then I don’t think nothing will. People please wake up, if you haven’t already. Time is up and shaking is coming, you have to be ready.

I have seen warning from those around me, that they have not a heard too. Then when the warning happens they wonder why, please listen, please.

For I cannot leave my father, I cannot stop to pick anyone up along the way. You’re an adult, he wants mature people, please don’t miss this.


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