Are you here to waste, his time…

It’s a simple question, with such a power behind it.

We can either, exist or live. This may seem really basic, but sometimes we need to have the question asked.

The other night was a huge deal for me. I know something shifted, I came home and went boldly into the throne room.

I am not gonna let the prosecutor (the devil), win this case. I am going to have the verdict from the judge and I am gonna have the destiny that was written for me in the book.

You can either lay down and die.

Or get up and live, I will have the destiny that I was, destined to have. I am not going to tolerate anything less than, what is mine to have.

It says in his word and his word is life to our’s. So what are you gonna do?

If this short msg doesn’t get you moving, then I don’t think nothing will. People please wake up, if you haven’t already. Time is up and shaking is coming, you have to be ready.

I have seen warning from those around me, that they have not a heard too. Then when the warning happens they wonder why, please listen, please.

For I cannot leave my father, I cannot stop to pick anyone up along the way. You’re an adult, he wants mature people, please don’t miss this.


Sometimes it takes me…

Sometimes it can take you to make a change, to break the old you.

This is just to add to somethingĀ I posted earlier, we can seem like we are changing. Moving to either a different house, church etc.

But we are still doing and behaving the same way, but waiting for a different outcome.


I thought if I was patient and nice and meek, everything would fall into place. I can be an idiot at times, because I needed to change what I was doing.

You cannot ever get the result if you don’t.

You may have been doing the same as me, but after the other night.

NO MORE, this duck is on a different road.

Lazyness can be a blockage

People who know me, would say I am anything, but lazy.

But I beg to differ, I said I would do something and I put it off. Because the task seemed HUGE.

Which it was but, when you say your going to do something, then you MUST honour your word.

So because I didn’t want to let the person down, or myself down. I pushed and pushed till I wasn’t able to type anymore.

8,079 words later, I am about 3/4 the way through and I feel good, but I won’t feel right until I am done.

So, I have to stop gardening, cleaning etc etc and do the rest.

OMG, I know I am a very capable person. But why do I do this to myself. LOL

Wow and wow

The other night at our meeting we received a KEY, big time.

I am not going to share anymore than that at the moment but, receiving a promting before hand. Just made it all the more stronger.

Break through is here and I don’t know about you, but I want to get the answer swiftly.

I am sorry I cannot give you anymore but wow.

God is really pushing me forward

To break the old mould, sometimes you need to be pushed.

Pushed until you break the mould that is familiar and do something different.

Someone wise said, if you keep doing the same thing, why do you expect a different outcome…

Think about it, what worked before, ain’t working now. So what the hell are you doing?

Don’t worry, I keep asking myself this question. Or telling myself, you idiot, change girlfriend.

Sometimes we have to accept change and move out of our own way.

Don’t think your getting away with it, your only fooling yourself.

I know if, I said to those who are doing this to their face. They would hate it, because we all hate being told, really about time I say.

Go God, change me for I am available to you, for the destiny you had planned from the very beginning, even before the earth was created.

I’m sorry

How many times are we really sorry.

I have been contemplating and looking back sometimes can move you forward, in a big way.

Being in a relationship with men, I can see where I went wrong. Yes I was living the worlds way for one thing.

But, I was also trying to make them live by my rules, thinking that if they loved me. They would want to change. Nuts, I know that now.

When you become a mother, you start treating everyone like there your kids. The more they miss behave, in your eyes. The angrier you get, sound familiar?

But if they aren’t gelling with you, then maybe they were wrong to be with in the first place. On the other hand, maybe iron sharpens, iron.

I know I am truly sorry, for not letting a man be a man, when they were one. To trying to belittle them, just because I thought I was right all along.

What I am learning, is I am not always right and need to say so, I think a bigger person can admit when they are wrong. You have to know yourself more each day and grow in maturity.

So to the men out their, sorry from this woman.

Be blessed.