I’m sorry

How many times are we really sorry.

I have been contemplating and looking back sometimes can move you forward, in a big way.

Being in a relationship with men, I can see where I went wrong. Yes I was living the worlds way for one thing.

But, I was also trying to make them live by my rules, thinking that if they loved me. They would want to change. Nuts, I know that now.

When you become a mother, you start treating everyone like there your kids. The more they miss behave, in your eyes. The angrier you get, sound familiar?

But if they aren’t gelling with you, then maybe they were wrong to be with in the first place. On the other hand, maybe iron sharpens, iron.

I know I am truly sorry, for not letting a man be a man, when they were one. To trying to belittle them, just because I thought I was right all along.

What I am learning, is I am not always right and need to say so, I think a bigger person can admit when they are wrong. You have to know yourself more each day and grow in maturity.

So to the men out their, sorry from this woman.

Be blessed.



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