God is really pushing me forward

To break the old mould, sometimes you need to be pushed.

Pushed until you break the mould that is familiar and do something different.

Someone wise said, if you keep doing the same thing, why do you expect a different outcome…

Think about it, what worked before, ain’t working now. So what the hell are you doing?

Don’t worry, I keep asking myself this question. Or telling myself, you idiot, change girlfriend.

Sometimes we have to accept change and move out of our own way.

Don’t think your getting away with it, your only fooling yourself.

I know if, I said to those who are doing this to their face. They would hate it, because we all hate being told, really about time I say.

Go God, change me for I am available to you, for the destiny you had planned from the very beginning, even before the earth was created.


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