What a man, God has chosen well…

Yesterday, someone said something to me and I felt the blood drain to my feet.

I have no problem writing and putting my thoughts to print on this blog, I have not really thought about who is reading this, if anyone.

So yesterday, my spiritual father said, he had read some of it. OMG no pressure here, oh lord, breath in out, relax, LOL.

Why my reaction, you know what the dad of the world, was like, so I have never had any great expectations of men. The words from his lips that he finds what I have written is inspiring. Wait, what OMG, you put that in me, you have sown the message in. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, the endless prayers and God, so thank you, but the thanks are YOURS.

Knowing that my Pastor, is my spiritual father, I knew the day, I had to CHOOSE to let him guide me, in what ever way he has to, that will work, for my greater good. I had to, not let what had happened to me in the past, dictate how I behave around him.

He is very much a man of honour, respectful, loving and he is so much fun. He has had to speak to me once or twice, but I have taken it the right way, yes I could have sulked or thrown a tantrum. But I CHOSE not too, I need correcting sometimes, I think we all do. I don’t want him to hold back, I have to behave like a grown up, not a child. 

I think so highly of him and I know the huge responsibility, he has on his shoulders. I hope I do honour him, he made a decision to do what God wanted, not his way, Gods way. Every message is from God and what he has for us, he lets the boss lead the way and I love him for that.

Pastor you are such an extraordinary man, because you chose to honour your father in heaven. And because of that, I am where I am today.

So thank you Lord and bless him greatly, let his work not be in vain and everything he asks for be fulfilled. I see so much of you lord in him, thank you to both of you.


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