Get in the boat

Yesterdays message was as clear as a bell.

Don’t think you can go on your merry way and things will be ok. God gave a clear warning yesterday that we must go to his house, to get in the boat and be protected when all the bad happens. Their is only seconds left, in God time and you cannot play around he is SERIOUS.

Don’t discuss what you have going wrong in your life, whether it be a friend, child or family. Speak only the positive and zip your mouth on the rest.

Just because you go to church, your children are not safe,  what I mean is, if they are old enough to decide whether to follow him or not. It’s up to them and they will have to fight for themselves. We all have to stand up, for what we believe in, eventually.

Don’t load the gun for the devil to fire it. Think of yourself in the eye of a twister, all is clear and claim, you are safe and protected by him.

But remember when the going gets tough is, to STAND.

Be blessed.


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