Be Satisfied

One thing that struck me this week, when going about my day was to be satisfied.

The world tries to tell you to keep up with the Jones’s as the saying goes.

What ever happened too, you buy a house that will do, then you not only pay it off but make changes over the years. You make a goal and achieve it, whether it’s replacing the flooring in one room at a time or painting, even replacing the kitchen.

No the world teaches us daily that we must have it all NOW.

Why is my question, I believe its to make us spend more than we need too.

I know the kind of home I like, its old-fashioned, built solid and yes I would rather a project one step at a time. Than have a big fancy house, all new furniture and all the bells and whistles.

Dont over stretch yourself, there is no need. Make do, the kids will grow and leave. Learning to share and live together will set them up for life.

I use to share a small bedroom with two older sisters, I learnt about them. Their tastes, fashion in the 70’s and how they were growing and changing. Mistakes I saw them make and was determined not to repeat.

So again be satisfied, money does not buy happiness. Love does….


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