My father is the one in charge

This is something I know more than anything else as I sit here.

Have you ever been so certain that nothing could ever cause you to waiver?

Well I know my dad loves me, he is guiding me. When I plant in the natural in my little veggie path, he plants seeds in me.

He enables that seed, as small as a mustard seed. To sprout and grow, he trims its branches when required and fertilizes, when food is needed.

I have been planted in the best soil there is, as my little patch is fertile. So is he in me.

He waters and tends to me, because he loves me purely.

So I go and tend to my little patch and trust in him.

So know what I say is true, he never lies and my end will be great.

I will confound the wise and show people who are my enemies that, greater is he that lives in me, than him that is in the world.


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